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 Super Tune-Up 

$39, $49, $59 A/C Tune-Ups? You probably receive a flyer for this starting in February every year in the mail. What is it that you actually get when you schedule one of these besides a long list of "recommended repairs?"

These are called loss-leaders....many businesses use them to get you in their stores or get their salesman through your front door. Businesses lose money on loss leaders in the hopes of gaining a new long term or short term high-value customer.

With a professional super tune-up from Expedition Heating and Air, you not only get a full inspection of your A/C's cooling ability, but you also get certain repairs INCLUDED.

For $149 we will perform a full inspection and evaluation of your A/C system that will inform you of your systems operating health. In addition, if either your condenser fan or blower capacitor up to 10 mfd tests under the recommended threshold we will replace it at no additional cost.


A ($289) value


   Garland Tx HVAC Contractors

As an experienced team of industry veterans, we are able to provide service and installation that is a step above the rest. Any local HVAC contractors can install efficient ac units, only a select few can do it properly and at a price that can fit your budget.

EHA provides the installation, maintenance, and repair of  HVAC equipment, including but not limited to Air ConditionersGas FurnacesAir HandlersHeat PumpsMini Splits.

For A Tune-Up or Repair

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