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Dirty A/C Coils, Bad For The Summer AND The Winter

Do you have any idea what your A/C coils look like? Most likely not as they are somewhat inaccessible without dismantling a good portion of your central ac system.

You may have seen a few ads targeted at cleaning your condenser (outdoor unit) and the evaporator coil (indoor unit) this summer. Keeping your central heating and cooling system clean is a great way to reduce operating costs as well as unnecessary wear and tear.

You typically see those ads replaced in the fall and winter with other recommended repairs. However, if you missed having your coils cleaned this summer, don't put it off until next year. Dirty A/C coils can cause significant issued with your heating system as well!

You see, air has to pass through the evaporator coil inside your home in both heating and cooling mode. A dirty coil prevents air from flowing efficiently through and into your home. This not only degrades the whole system's ability to function at peak performance, but it can also cause it to malfunction.

Central A/C systems typically have safety devices in them that cause the unit to shut off if too much heat is built up inside the unit. A dirty coil that is preventing that warm air from entering your home can build up heat inside your unit, tripping these safety devices.

If you haven't had your coils cleaned within the past few years, now is a better time than ever. Don't let an unnecessary repair catch you off guard this winter.

Bonus Fact for the week: Evaporator coils are often overlooked when homeowners consider the cleanliness of their central heat and air. The air coming into your home has to pass through the evaporator coil before entering your ducts. If you think your ductwork may need cleaning, your coil almost certainly requires MORE attention.

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